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Here you will find a few more details about our web services. For a general overview please click here.

Unique Custom Web Design

These days many websites are built using pre-made templates that are merely tweaked to give a slightly customised appearance. This approach should only be taken if the website is for personal use or very low budget. It is not a service that we provide.

We are here to help you create a unique custom made design for your website that will perfect suit and reflect your business or use and will result in a site that is totally unique amongst the backdrop of many average looking sites that appear to be copies of 100's or 1000's of other sites on the web.

Believe it or not, this custom web design service we provide is cost effective, we can take you through the process of designing a unique custom web design for your website in as little as 10hrs work (design & structure only, 10hrs is based off a standard small business website). That includes around 50% of the time spend on creating some unique concepts for you and the other time is spent on converting the design into a working website framework that can be applied to your website.

Overview of Our Process for Creating Websites

  • Initial discussion to work out what you would like in the website, what pages/content and functionality are required and answer any questions you have.
  • We provide a fixed quotation in the majority of cases and if you accept our proposal we proceed once the initial payment has been received. See payment options below.
  • The first step to start the project off is for us to have one more chat, where we will gather information about your business / organisation and the industry you work in. We will also ask you for any input you may have about the look that you want to achieve out of the design process. At this stage we will ask you to start creating or collating the content for the site if you are going to be doing this yourselves, otherwise we will organise a professional copywriter to be in contact with you if you have opted for this additional service. If you do create your own content we will assist in optimising it with you to help it be the best it can.
  • With information we gather from you about your business and industry we will commence the design process. This will involve us doing some research to assist us to get a good feel for your business and competitors. With this information gathered we will then shift into creative mode and start designing some concepts for you, the concepts will give you a feel for what you can expect your finished website to look like. In most cases we provide around 2-4 design concepts so that we have a mixture of styles for you to contemplate. We will also give you any thoughts we have ourselves about what we feel will work best for you out of the initial concepts.
  • With the concepts provided to you, we will ask for your feedback and discuss with you whether you are happy to proceed with one of the given concepts or if you would like to see and changes or tweaks to get a concept to a stage that you are totally happy with. We will ask for your approval on a finalised concept before we proceed to the next stage of development. It is important that you only approve a design that you are totally pleased with because if you ask for major changes to the design once we are already in the development stage it will involve significant additional costs. It is up to you to be honest with us with your feedback before giving your approval.
  • Once the design is approved we will commence development of the website. The first stage of development involves converting the design into a working website framework, setting up the structure of the website in terms of menu items etc. and developing or putting in place any required functionality. While we are working on this stage of the project we will check with yourselves or your copywriter to make sure that the content is all coming together if it has not yet been finalised. A good goal is to have all content ready to go before we finish this stage.
  • Once the website design, structure and functionality is in place, the next and final stage will be to add in all the content in the site. This will include text and images for information or display pages, products if you have product info or a shopping cart, images if you have a gallery, or data if you have other functionality that requires data input etc.
  • The final step in finalising the website once all the content has been added is for you to review the completed website and make sure you are happy with it all, we can make tweaks at this stage if needed and the goal is to have the website to a stage where you are ready to give your approval on it and go live!
  • Final payment will be required before we make the website go live to the public.

Examples of Common Features / Functionality available

  • Shopping Cart - for online sales (we have solutions for small product amounts or 1000's)
  • Vertical Market Listings (for listings display and management of Real Estate, Vehicles etc.)
  • Smartphone & Tablet optimised sites
  • Photo Gallery - display your images in a customised gallery
  • Video and/or MP3 players - embed video or audio within your website
  • Slideshows & other animated display modules
  • News Article / Blogging tools
  • Social Media tools, links and display modules
  • Forums
  • Directory Listings
  • Booking Systems - online bookings through your website
  • Events Display & Calendar
  • Newsletter & Mailing List management
  • Special login areas to display certain content to members or groups
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) software

This is just a list to show you some of the common functionality that is available to add to your website. If you have a need for specific functionality not shown here please discuss with us. We have a team of programmers available to assist in custom coding functionality or web software to create your own unique functionality.

Web Marketing Services

If you are serious about wanting to get lots of traffic to your website you will need to invest in professional web marketing services. We can assist you to gain access to reputable companies that specialise in:

  • Professional SEO & link building
  • Professional Copywriting Service
  • Web Advertising & Promotion

Web Hosting & Domain Name Registrations

We offer business grade web hosting solutions and domain name registrations. The details of this service are available here.

Payment Options Available

We offer 2 payment options for most website projects:


Pay 50% of total cost upon acceptance of our proposal and the remaining 50% upon completion of the project.


Pay 30% of total cost upon acceptance of our proposal, another 30% at the half way point (once the design and structure of the site is complete, awaiting content), and the balance of 40% at completion of the project.

If you are booking a large website that is intended to be developed over more than a 3 month period we will discuss other payment options to break down the costs over the duration of the project.

Turnaround Time for Website Projects

The average turnaround time for a typical sort of business website is around 3-4 weeks. In some cases we can reduce this to 2 weeks. For projects that involve significant functionality the turnaround time can increase up to 8-12 weeks. It really depends on what is involved in developing the site, but we can give you a more accurate timing once we discuss the project with you and know what's involved and what our current workload is at that time.

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