Web Hosting & Domain Names

We like to provide our clients a complete website service so that you can have one place to contact for all your website related matters. Web Hosting and Domain Names are essential services to any website and the details of these services and our costings are outlined below. While you don't have to use us for these services it is certainly highly recommended because that way we can ensure all your web services are managed effectively and that your website can be accessed at good speeds to your visitors.

Web Hosting

To those unfamiliar with what web hosting is a good description can be viewed here.

Our web hosting service is a Business Grade solution. This means that we can assure high quality, reliable access to the web server for you and your visitors with the least possible downtime. It also includes increased security protection to help prevent malicious activity and a comprehensive backup system (spanning up to 3 months) to cover us in the rare event that something does happen to your website files. The small difference in cost between our service and the cheaper alternatives is well worth the peace of mind provided.

We have 3 main levels of hosting accounts that cover the majority of average business websites:

  • SILVER - $22/month  - Suitable for most small websites
  • GOLD - $33/month - Suitable for most small to medium websites with a greater allocation of resources*.
  • PLATINUM - $55/month - Suitable for medium sized website that need a large allocation resources*.

* Resources mainly refers to the amount of storage space provided and the bandwidth limit on traffic.

Standard billing is done quarterly in advance, though we highly recommend taking advantage of our discounted rate for annual payments. All Annual Payments are discounted by 20% of the total amount.

Specific technical details of each level of website is available upon request. Typically we will give an honest review of what you are going to need and let you know which level of hosting is appropriate for your needs.

Domain Name Registrations

While domain name registration services are common on the internet, we offer this service directly to clients so that you can have one place for all your website needs. Using us for your Domain Registrations will ensure:

  • Peace of mind that you will never miss a re-registration date and risk your website going down.
  • That you will pay reasonable prices for this service. Some companies charge $100-$300 per period.
  • That you are not fooled by dodgy companies trying to trick you into paying them for domain names that don't even belong to them. All our renewals will come from AJL Design only.

While you are welcome to register your own domains, please consider having us manage them all for you for the above reasons.

.com.au and .net.au registrations are billed at $55 for the standard 2 year period.

.com, .net and .org domain names are billed at $30 per year or $55 per 2 years.

Please contact us for pricing on all other type of domain names.

Free Consultation

Take advantage of our free initial consultation, available in person for all Northern Rivers Region (NSW) or via phone or skype for all other areas.

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